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For rules and information about the Oklahoma National Archery in the Schools program -

Archery in Schools in covered in all PE classes starting in October at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Student 4th-8th grade are able to qualify for the state archery shoot by attending at least one inter-school tournament.  

Inter-school tournaments will be announced at a later date

Equipment used:  Mini Genesis Bow (7-12 lbs), Genesis Bow (12-20 lbs)

Students may purchase their own bow to use at inter-school and state shoot, but must be a Genesis bow.


2nd grade Archery:

  • Introduced with Genesis mini bows
  • Students will concentrate mainly on archery range procedure
  • Introduction to the 11 step of archery


3rd grade archery:

  • Student may use Mini Genesis or Genesis bow
  • In depth on the 11 steps to archery


4th-8th grade archery:

  • Recommended using Genesis bow
  • Expected to know all 11 steps to archery
  • Students are able to compete at inter-school tournaments
  • Students are able to qualify for the state archery shoot