Cardinal University Summer Academy






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July 22nd-25th  

Monday through Thursday

Morning Session 9:00am - 11:30am

Afternoon Session 12:30pm - 3:00pm

Students registering for both morning and afternoon sessions will bring their lunches and eat with us.

Registration deadline for Summer Academy is Friday, July 12th

(Grades listed are for incoming grade-level students  in the Fall.)




Grade Level: PreK4-2nd  Morning Session

Tuition: $200

Instructors: Mrs. McCann and Ms. Scoggins

Hip hop hooray, let’s explore dramatic play!  Come let your imagination run wild as we create many different opportunities for your child to explore their creative dreams.  The kids will partake in costume and prop creations in addition to imaginary play. So what do you say, make your child’s day by exploring creative play!

Minimum:10 Maximum: 25



Grade: PreK4-2nd  Afternoon Session:

Tuition: $200

Instructors: Mrs. McCann & Ms. Scoggins

Who says Christmas only comes once a year!  Beat this summer heat and join us for a week of winter activities.  We will welcome the Christmas spirit with a snowball fight, ornaments, gingerbread houses, and lots of fun!  We will even sing Christmas carols. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas in July!

Minimum: 10 Maximum: 25



Grade Level: PK4-1st  Morning Session

Tuition: $175
Instructor: Tonette Brock

Become a Mini Mad Scientist! Young campers discover the world they live in. The forces of the world come together in an exciting day devoted to gravity, inertia and energy. They explore what earth is made of and how mountains and volcanoes are formed. Children explore their sense of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.  They explore the science of animals in the wild and under the ground- how they eat, live-and discover how fascinating these creatures are. The week ends with an exciting mission to space to explore the planets, moons and stars. Take-home projects are built every day including an animal foot cast, a catapult, a shuttle copter, a boink, and  rocks/minerals and more.

Minimum: 6 Maximum: 18



Grade Level: PreK4-2nd  Morning Session

Tution: $190

Instructor: Bobby Howard

Help Soccer Shots celebrate the Women’s World Cup as the best female athletes in the world come together in France to represent their countries on a global stage! Soccer Shots Summer Camp provides Pre-K4 through 2nd grade children with an opportunity to learn and develop soccer skills, build character, and nurture creativity. Children are engaged in fun soccer games as well as a variety of other age appropriate options such as crafts and literature. Children will be encouraged to participate in daily themes, and camp will conclude with celebration of the children’s hard work.

Maximum: 5  Minimum: 12



Grade Level:1st- 4th  Morning Session

Tuition: $175

Instructor: Ms. Holeman

Would you like your child to increase strength, balance and concentration? Would you like your child to learn mindful breathing techniques that can help decrease anxiety, increase focus and help manage stress in their daily lives? Yoga is a wonderful practice to introduce to children. The benefits are endless! In this class, your child will learn basic yoga poses and breathing exercises. They will also enjoy a period of relaxation along with short meditation practice. Each class will end with an easy to make healthy snack. Please have your child dress in comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat.

Minimum: 4  Maximum: 12



Grade Level:1st - 4th  Afternoon Session

Tuition: $200
Instructor: Ms. Holeman
In this class, we will combine a classic children’s book with a sensory art experience.  Sensory art lets your child use their senses while stimulating creativity, exploration and investigation.  This is very important to stimulating creative thinking. Each class will begin with a reading and discussion of a story.  Then, your child will create a unique art piece! Sensory art is about the process, not always the end result of the artwork.  They might get messy!

Minimum: 4   Maximum:12



Grade Level: 2nd-5th  Morning and Afternoon Sessions

Tuition: $200

Instructor: Kailee Zehrung

This fun filled and outright silly class will expand your child’s imagination and teach them the love of laughter! Together we will use laughter to build our self-confidence and self-esteem. Activities include: Messy Hands on Crafts, Balloon Animal Art, Creative  Prop Making, Funny Skits, Goofy Dancing, Team Building, and of course, every class comes with lots of laughs. What better way to spend your summer than with a smile and a laugh out loud silly camp!

Minimum: 5  Maximum: 15




Grade Level: 2nd-5th Morning Session

Tuition: $200

Instructor: Ms. Hoffmann

Students will learn how to create various types of mosaics! Students will begin learning the mosaic process by using cut paper and then lentil beans to build an understanding of how to prepare and create mosaics. Students will move onto using square cut tiles to decorate various types of surfaces! With each experience students will broaden their understanding of mosaics and how materials can be utilized. Students will come home with a variety of colorful mosaic masterpieces!

Minimum: 5  Maximum: 15



Grade Level: 2nd-4th Morning Session

Tuition: $175

Instructor: Mrs. Ross-Mears

Tired of the Summer Slide? Do you want to give your child a head start for next year? Sign them up for my Summer Academic Boot Camp. Here they will learn organization, practice readiness skills for their upcoming year in both language arts and math and gain confidence by being prepared for the school year. What a terrific way to start off the new school year.

Minimum: 4  Maximum: 8





Grade Level: 2nd-6th Afternoon Session

Tuition: $195

Instructor: Tonette Brock

Give your child an edge! OzoBlockly is a visual programming language used to code Ozobots Evo and Bit. Learn to write basic codes in Ozoblockly – a drag and drop interface. Test out your codes by  making lights flash, send your Ozobot spinning in circles, send it zig-zagging across the table, or more. Using ozoblockly opens doors to limitless discovery- learn mathematical operations , exploring new adventures,  navigating continents, even ‘living’ a fairy tale as campers learn and understand how to code and program their ozobots.

Minimum: 6  Maximum: 18











Grade Level: 2nd - 8th  Morning Session

Tuition: $200

Instructor: Mrs. Weathers

This fun week will involve using some of those toys that you have collected around the house to make new creations. We will develop and film stop-motion videos using connecting block toys and action figures you bring from home. Students will use their creative and writing skills to work together as a team and develop a story and make a movie.

Minimum: 5  Maximum: 15




Grade Level: 2nd - 8th  Afternoon Session

Tuition: $200

Instructor: Mrs. Weathers

Every child loves to have a book that they have written and illustrated cover to cover.  We will spend the week developing ideas to create a book of their very own. Students will learn writing techniques that will help in future writing while having fun creating their own story to be published. They will come home with a copy of their book.   

Minimum: 5  Maximum: 15




Grade Level: 5th-8th  Morning & Afternoon Sessions

Tuition: $200

Instructor: Tim Fernandez Jr & Tim Fernandez Sr.

Golf Basics 101: Learn the basics of the game of golf. We will focus on grip, stance, posture, swing, rules of the game, and much more.  We will learn the basics of Driving, Chipping, Putting, and Iron play. Golf Clubs & balls are provided, but you may bring your own. Tim Fernandez is an avid golfer and played in high school and college. He is the Youth Director at St. John's.His Father has coached many different students and is also an avid golfer.  We are so excited to have them join our program! Special Program Friday

Minimum: 5 Maximum: 12





Grade level: 5th - 8th Morning Session

Tuition: $200

Instructor: Susan Raymer

Get your creative child on the road to sewing success with our beginner’s class. Sewing  sessions provide students with the ultimate opportunity to learn essential sewing techniques or build on existing sewing skills. Class fee includes the use of our machines and supplies- students will provide their own fabric to make fun projects!

Minimum: 3  Maximum: 7



Grade Level: 5th-6th Afternoon Session

Tuition: $175

Instructor: Mrs. Ross-Mears

Tired of the Summer Slide? Do you want to give your child a head start for next year? Sign them up for my Summer Academic Boot Camp. We will get their juices flowing by practicing those important readiness skills in language art and math. We will also practice the much needed organizational skills by learning how to unlock and lock our lockers, organize our lockers in order to move from subject to subject more efficiently.  Students will create an organizational system by color coding and labeling new folders for the upcoming school year and practice keeping track of homework assignments to be completed throughout the day. What a great way to start off the year!

Minimum: 4  Maximum:10




Grade Level: 6th-8th Afternoon Session

Tuition: $200

Instructor: Mrs. Hoffmann

Students will learn the entire process of how to create their very own glass mosaic. Students will think and work like mosaic artists in designing their own images, preparing their materials, learning how to glue and fit pieces together, and finally learning how to apply and use grout to complete their work of art. Students will leave with a piece that will last a lifetime!

Minimum-: 5  Maximum:10



Grade Level: 4th-8th Morning Session

Tuition: $180

Instructor: Jake Williams

Channel your inner Stan Lee and learn the steps to creating your own graphic novels! In addition to learning the history and important creations in the genre, students will learn the creative process by planning, writing, drawing and sharing their own unique ideas with classmates.

Class minimum: 6 Class maximum: 14

Please drop your child off in the gym  at 9:00am for morning sessions and 12:30pm for afternoon promptly each day.  Carpool pick-up will be on the Boulevard (East) side of the school. Teachers will deliver your child to your car at 11:30am and 3:00pm. Please be on time for pick-up. Don’t forget to pack a lunch if students are staying all day. Register through the Cardinal University tab on our St. Elizabeth Ann Seton website.