What is Cursillo?                                              

The Cursillo is an encounter with Christ. That sounds too simple, but it's not. Think about it--a real meeting with Christ. If that is understood, then the power, beauty, and joy of the Cursillo Movement will be understood. Cursillo (pronounced kur-see-yo) is a Spanish word meaning "little" or "short course". The name of the movement is Cursillo de Christendad, or a short course in Christianity. 

Why Cursillo?

Correctly applied, the Cursillo Movement can have very positive results in the spiritual revitalization of the world. The Christian likeness in a few good people is contagious.  The Catholic community of Oklahoma presents this method of Christian spirituality to develop and sustain adult leaders in the work of evangelization.

How is it conducted?

It usually begins on a Thursday night and ends the following Sunday night. During those three days, those attending live and work together listening to talks given by priests and laity. They also share the Eucharist and pray together. Men's and Women's Cursillos are held separately, twice a year.

Are there ongoing activities?

The "after" activity of the Cursillo is known as the Fourth Day. During this time, perseverance is important just as it is in any method of renewal. In the Cursillo Movement, the community spirit is continued after the three days through the "Ultreya" or reunions of the community. These are available monthly as a means of growth in understanding and zeal within the Christian community. Reunions of smaller groups of friends are also available in order for them to encourage one another in spiritual improvement and the Christian Apostolate.


Talk to your parish priest. Talk with someone who has already made a Cursillo. Attend one!  For questions or comments, please contact Chris Engel or Ray Haefele.

For additional information, please click here to visit the OKC Cursillo web site.

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