Dear Parishioners,

     I’d like to take the opportunity to introduce a new Ministerial Code of Conduct, approved by the Parish Council, to serve as a very clearly defined set of guidelines and boundaries that are designed to uphold the integrity of all who serve in ministry here at St. John the Baptist.    

      One aspect of the mission for us at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church is “giving loving service to our neighbor and strengthening our parish community.” We do that in large part through the many ministries here that serve our parish family and the greater Edmond community.

     Serving in a ministry is a great privilege that comes with great responsibility, or according to Luke 12:48 “ whom much has been given, much is expected.” As we work in our ministries, we must always take care to remember that we are serving Christ when we serve one another. We are humbled and grateful to act with the hands, feet, and heart of Christ on a daily basis as we serve our community.

      To ensure that all ministers understand behavioral expectations and serves as a reminder of our duty to serve in an upright and moral manner.

     Most of what you will find in the Ministerial Code of Conduct is a common sense, everyday Christian, moral living guideline, described in the following five sections:


1. Aligning our faith with our ministerial roles, whereby we participate in the sacramental life of the church.

2. Inclusion with respect of all people.

3. Accountability to acknowledge all ministry relationships with those we serve are seen as position of power and must be treated within strict boundaries of the service relationship. This is not to be confused with personal/social relationships.

4. Confidentiality must be held in the strictest sense. We always keep information in confidence, except when harm might come to someone. In that case, we know the proper channels to promptly convey the necessary information. We also refrain from sharing personal identifying information on social media.

5. General conduct that is a reflection of our life in Christ. For example, we refrain from gossip, any character-harming talk and back-biting. We maintain integrity in team relationships as well as in the relationships with those we serve.

      These are only a few highlights of the Ministerial Code of Conduct. Ministry leaders will be presenting and distributing the Code to their ministry members. If you do not serve in a ministry, you can request a copy of the Code of Conduct by contacting the Parish Office.

      By adopting this Code of Conduct and sharing it with all of the ministry members, staff, and parish community at large, we assure that all of us are reminded of our responsibilities as Christians and help hold ourselves and each other accountable for truly living according to the values bestowed on us by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Ray Ackerman


pdf Ministerial Code of Conduct (178 KB)

pdf Ministerial Code of Conduct Slides for Ministry Leaders (358 KB)

pdf Ministerial Code of Conduct Workshop Sign In Form (182 KB)