Spiritual Direction increases ones awareness of the presence of God and nurtures a relationship with and commitment to Jesus Christ.

A Spiritual Director is an individual who has had extensive training in the ministry of Spiritual Direction. The Directors continue their training with ongoing education, meet with a supervisor, participate in regular sessions with their Spiritual Director, and join professional organizations. They view the time spent in Direction to be a privilege and a commitment to your spiritual journey.

Usually, confidential sessions are one hour once a month. A stipend of $40-60 per session is paid to the Director. No one is refused services due to inability to pay.

Christian Spiritual Direction is described more fully here.

Questions to ask when seeking a spiritual director may be found here.

Spiritual Directors at St. John's are:

Nancy Vargas (405) 715-0283

Dick Alexander (405) 595-8515

Long Tran (405) 401-0491

Deb Buczkowski (Mobile) (248) 930-0413 

Kathleen Bussen (405) 201-8301

Ceci Taylor (405) 650-7691

Donna Hamilton (405) 340-2528

Deacon Randy Hearn (405) 471-4887

Stephanie Kirby (405) 471-2937

Deacon George Butterfield (402) 452-8332

 Steven Vargas, (405) 760-6115