Mission for Parish Nursing at St. John

The Parish Nursing Ministry reflects the compassionate healing love of Jesus Christ by promoting health and wholeness of body, mind, and soul for all of God’s people through education and advocacy by nurses and other health ministers. 

Health from a Faith Perspective

Parish nursing is a recognized specialty practice that combines professional nursing and health ministry. Parish nursing emphasizes health and healing within a faith community.  The philosophy of parish nursing embraces four major concepts: spiritual formation; professionalism; shalom as health and wholeness; and community, incorporating culture and diversity.

What We Do:

Serve as Health Educator, Health Counselor, Health Referral agent, Health Care Advocate, and Support Group Facilitator

Some Activities:

  • RN for Blood Pressure Screening during the Knights' Breakfast 1-2 times per year
  • Co-Facilitator for Grief Support Group -six sessions 2-3 times per year
  • Volunteer for Parish Health Education, assist with food prep, registrations, set up, clean up, etc.. -1-2 times per year
  • Teach a Parish Health Education course or module - 1 time
  • Write articles for Church publications, website - as needed
  • RN for Time Out exercises of Blood Pressure screening - 1-4 times per month
  • Facilitate other support groups - weight loss, exercise or other
  • Assist with Tai Ji Quan sessions - offered twice weekly for 12 weeks in fall and spring (must be trained instructor)
  • RN for health care support visits to the ill and elderly - as needed
  • RN for assessment and evaluation visits in homes, hospitals, NH, ALF - as needed
  • Prayer support - ongoing
  • Transport/accompany to medical visits - as needed

Time & Training Required:
Depending on the services provided, time commitment can be a one-time project, or monthly, weekly, or quarterly involvement depending on the volunteer's availability, skills, and the Parish Nursing need.

Active RN license needed for some, but not all, activities.

Approximately 2 hours of orientation and training plus Safe Environment Training are required.

Helpful Attributes:
Health professionals of all types.

Friendly, outgoing, warm, prayerful.

If the individual is a nurse, she/he must have the ability to operate within the Oklahoma State Nurse Practice Act and under the Scope and Standards of Faith Community Nursing.  The nurse is not an agent of a physician and therefore does not perform any invasive activity.  The nurse must be willing to document all activities and/or report activities to the paid Parish Nurse for documentation.

Tai Ji Quan


Blood Pressure Screening