In a Haze About e-Cigarettes? 5 Things to Know

John Watson


July 31, 2018

If you've ever walked down the sidewalk and passed through the scented plume of someone vaping away on an e-cigarette, you've had a firsthand encounter with what is essentially a nationwide experiment with our health. Poorly regulated and largely untested, these products are nonetheless experiencing a meteoric rise in popularity.


In 2016, it was estimated that 9 million Americans regularly used e-cigarettes[1]; middle- and high-school students comprised 2 million of those users.[2] And in 2015, 5% of middle-schoolers and 16% of high-schoolers reported use.[2]


This trend has added urgency to the search for answers about these products, what they may be doing to our bodies, and what can be done to curtail their use. Here, Medscape presents our review of some of the latest data.