Standard size boxes are available in the Peru Mission Closet in the Commons at a cost of $1.00 per box. Whenever possible, it is preferred that you use the standard size boxes. This makes loading easier, provides better packing, and reduces the number of crushed boxes and packages received in Piura. Plastic storage containers available in various stores can be used to ship contents to Piura. These can then be used by your Peru family for storage. All shipping containers should be packed tight so that the container maintains it shape and does not crush under the weight of several boxes resting on it. A good test is to sit on your completed box. If it does not crush under your weight you are OK. Large items such as bicycles, small tables, etc. may be sent provided the family number is securely attached. Please refer to Identifying Box Cartons below.

We encourage you to write to your family.  It is the best way to develop a relationship.  All letters must be written in Spanish please as there isn’t staff in Piura who can translate.  See below if you need translation help.  

Sending Letters:
Letters may be mailed to St. John’s (ATTN:  Peru F2F Program) or you may drop them in the Peru Mission “mailbox basket” on top of the file cabinet in the Donations Closet in the Commons.  Write your full name in the upper left corner and in the center write the full names of the Peruvian husband and wife, and their village name.  Very important - also include your Peru Family Number on the envelope!  This ensures your letters get delivered to your family.  In addition to your letters, the Peruvian families love to receive photos of their US family which creates a more personal connection.  St. John's personnel will see that your letter is mailed to your family, FOR FREE!  All letters are sent bulk mail so if you’re sending a letter for a special occasion, like for birthdays or holidays, allow 2 months for delivery.  If you forget your Peru Family Number or have any questions, please contact Stephanie Simpson atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Receiving Letters:
If you attend St. John’s, letters from your family are in your alphabetized folder in the file cabinet located in the Donation Closet in the Commons.  Please check your folder often, particularly during the summer months when Mission teams bring back letters.  If you are out of town/out of parish, letters will be mailed or emailed to you.  Again, if you need your letter translated, see below.

Translation Service:
If you need help with translation of letters either TO or FROM your family, St. John’s can assist.  Parishioner Anita Endres, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., has a team of translation volunteers.  They ask for a $2.00 donation for one page letters and slightly more for longer letters or whatever amount you wish or are able to donate.  All donations they receive for their services are given to the Santa Ana Fund to build homes for single mothers in Piura.  Scan and forward your letters to Anita or place your letters in the wicker basket on top of the file cabinet in the Donation Closet in the Commons with your name, phone number and/or e-mail address.  They will contact you to let you know they have received your letter.  Place your donation with your letter to be translated in a Peru Mission envelope marked: TRANSLATIONS ATTN:  Anita Endres. Please make checks out to “ST. JOHN’S.”  If you have any questions please contact Anita directly (405) 641-9517.

There are several translation websites that can assist you in understanding their letters or for writing your own.  Please understand these translations aren’t always 100% correct and that slang phrases and lack of punctuation my make translations "unusual."

Donation Information:

The following list contains a few suggestions of items you may want to consider shipping to your family in Peru.  You are not limited to this list.  As you get to know your family, you may find other items that will benefit them.  If you send books, bibles, or any written materials, be sure they are in Spanish.  

As you shop, please remember most homes have no electricity or running water.  Meals are cooked over an open fire, charcoal or propane stove.  Avoid battery operated items.   


· All types of clothing - even winter sweaters & jackets (children's & adults' sizes under XXL)

· Athletic Shoes, Dress Shoes, flip flops, boots

· Hats, baseball caps, work gloves

Kitchen Items:

· Dishes, coffee mugs, soup bowls, serving bowls

· Silverware, stirring spoons, paring knives, potato peeler

· Dish towels, sponges, hot pads, mitts

· Pots & pans (heavy duty, cast iron preferred)

· Plastic storage containers, cutting board

· Cooler, water jugs (5 gallon)

Bathroom Toiletries:

· Bath towels, wash clothes

· Soap & shampoo, hand cream, razors

· Toothbrush, toothpaste (with fluoride), floss, lip balm

· Sanitary napkins, toilet paper

· Perfume, cologne, lipstick, eye shadow, etc.

· Vitamins and over the counter medicine - with 6 months left before the expiration date only.  Also be sure the packaging has instructions in Spanish.

Household Items:

· Sheets (twins or full), pillows & pillow cases, blankets, bedspread (light weight)

· Small rugs (washable), mosquito netting, tarps 

· Vinyl table covers, shower curtains & hooks (for room dividers)

· Candles, hook rack, rope, scissors, clothespins

· Tables-small (folding, narrow), chairs (folding, plastic, etc.)

· Shelving or storage bins, footlocker with lock & key

· Picture frames (4x6 or smaller)

· Canvas carrying bags, hand tools - hammer, screwdriver, pliers, etc.

Children's Items:

· Bicycles (with air pump)

· School supplies, books (in Spanish), backpacks, water bottles

· Stuffed animals, toys (no toy guns please), balls (soccer, baseball, etc.)

Religious Items:

· Crucifix

· Rosaries

· Statues & pictures

· Bibles (in Spanish)

· Prayer cards (in Spanish)


· Sewing supplies, yarn, thread, fabric, trim, etc.

· Sunglasses, suntan lotion, umbrella (for shade)

· Musical instruments

· Food - canned goods, pasta, dry beans, peanut butter, hot cocoa mix

A tax deduction receipt for your donated goods is available at the Peru House or in the Donation Closet in the Commons.


Shipping Information:

The type of shipping box/container is critical to ensure it can withstand handling and long-term storage.  Please use medium-sized packing/cardboard boxes or smaller.  Medium-sized boxes measure 16-in L x 18-in W x 18-in D and can be purchased at most hardware stores for under $1.50.  Medium-sized colored (not clear) plastic storage tubs (64 qt/18 gal) can also be used.  Clear storage tubs are not recommended as they are not as sturdy as the colored tubs and often crack damaging the contents.  Suitcases or foot lockers are also allowed.  Tubs, suitcases and footlockers are considered a "household item" so be sure to add them to your inventory sheet (see below). 

Please keep the weight under 50 lbs per box/container so that our volunteers can carry them.  This makes loading easier, provides better packing and reduces the number of crushed boxes/containers received in Piura. Containers weighing over 50 lbs may have to be repacked.  

Larger items such as bicycles and small pieces of furniture may also be sent, however, be sure to securely attach your F2F code to the item. If you have questions please contact Cheryl Pierce at 405-924-6232 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Due to Peruvian government regulations, the following guidelines must be strictly adhered to when preparing your box/container for shipment.  

· No USA or Peruvian family names can appear inside or outside the box/container. Do not include letters, cards or money in your boxes. Customs has the right to remove your box if names are included/found and they may assess a fine that Fr. Joe would have to pay.

· Label the box/container on the top and all 4 sides (example below) with the Parish ID and your family code. Please use a wide permanent black marker.

· Parish ID = SJ 

· Family Code = your parish number, found on the corner of your weekly donation envelope, plus your Peru family code (i.e., SJ-5414-557). If you forget your Peru family code or have any questions, please contact Stephanie Simpson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

· Fill out a Peru F2F Inventory Sheet circling only the new or used category for the items you have included in your box/container. Do not list the quantity of individual items.  Be sure to include your F2F code in the top right-hand corner of the Inventory Sheet.  DO NOT include a Peru F2F Inventory Sheet inside your container.  A downloadable Inventory Sheet can be found in the Documents section to the right of this page (Peru F2F Inventory Sheet).

· Pack the box/container tightly! If you sit on it and it crushes – it needs more packing!  Add additional clothing, pillows, towels or linens so that the box/container won’t be crushed during shipment.  Better to send two smaller boxes that are full than one large box that isn’t packed to the top!!  Here’s an example of what happens to a poorly packed plastic tub.

· Secure the box or tub carefully. Clear plastic packing tape (heavy-duty) works best.  Do not use duct tape on boxes or tubs.  It doesn’t stick well to plastic tubs and it dries out in the heat of the warehouse/shipping container and then comes off easily.  If plastic tubs are used, suggest drilling holes through the lid and tub lip once in each corner and once on each side.  Then use zip ties to secure the lid to the tub.

· Tape ONE filled out Peru F2F Inventory Sheet securely to the top of the box/container.  (Circle “new” or “used” – quantities are not required). Your box/container is now ready to be taken to the Peru House collection point.  The Peru House is located at 1009 Littler St, west of the SEAS playground.  Watch the parish bulletin for collection dates and times.  Please do not leave boxes and containers unattended at the Peru House as they can be damaged or stolen.