Our Commitment:
Our goal is to ensure less fortunate children and families are remembered during the Christmas Season. 

What We Do:
Contact several non-profit organizations and coordinate the process of identifying Christmas needs of that group. Then request, collect, sort, distribute, and track hundreds of gifts that fulfill the needs.

Time & Training Required:
Because this is a season intense project, volunteers are needed in December for as little as 30 minutes following Mass or up to 1 - 2 hours when organizing the gifts. Ministry Chairpersons also attend a few organizational meetings August - October.

Helpful Attributes:
There are different types of tasks that make this ministry successful. Volunteers of all ages who have willingness to help can carry gifts to the family’s car, gather gifts on the weekend, sort/organize gifts, make Giving Tree Cards, and use MS Access to organize wish lists.

The Chair and Co-chair need to be detail-oriented, work well with others, and have a willingness to help those less fortunate. They need to have strong organizational skills. These positions are highly supported by the St. John's staff.

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