Parish Council Corner

In an effort to improve communication and provide transparency to all of you,

Parish Council would like to introduce its members and share what we do, and how you may become involved!



Mike Metzer        Stewardship & Community Life Pillar Chair
Bill Kinser Formation & Catechesis Pillar     Secretary
Grayson Van Horn Property Board  
Tim Tippit Finance Board  
OPEN  School Advisory Council  
Inslee Bennett Outreach Pillar  
Betty Brinkman Outreach Pillar  
Laura Murray Stewardship & Community Life Pillar  
Dick Alexander Worship & Evangelization Pillar  
Jon Neeley Worship & Evangelization Pillar  
Bill Kinser Formation & Catechesis  
OPEN Formation & Catechesis  
Maricela Chavez Member at Large  
Alan Van Horn Member at Large  
Fr. Ray Ackerman Pastor  
Fr. Anthony Ram Associate Pastor  
Fr. Alex Kroll Associate Pastor  
Deacon George Butterfield    Worship & Evangelization Staff Resource Leader
Deacon Randy Hearn Deacon  
Deacon Roy Forsythe Deacon  
Deacon Bill Bawden Deacon  
Amy Dennis Outreach, Formation & Catechesis Staff Resource Leader
Jennifer Dolf Administration Pillar Staff Resource Leader
Laura Gallagher St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School Staff Resource Leader
Stephanie Graham Stewardship, Community Life, Communications Staff Resource Leader


Who are we? We are YOUR voice - St John's Parish Council is comprised of 2 representatives from the Worship, Outreach, Evangelization & Catechesis and Stewardship & Community Life Pillars; a representative from the Finance and Property Boards and the School Advisory Council.


What we do? St John's Parish Council Members act as a bridge between the pillars they represent to the council who then reports to the parish community. Parish Council represent every parishioner at St John's and encourage you to voice your ideas, thoughts, concerns and questions!


When and where do we meet? St John's Parish Council meets on the last Thursday of every month beginning in August and concluding in June. All members of St John's are welcome to attend the meeting. Our next meeting is June 28 at 7:00 pm in the Council Room. Please join us!


Got a question? Submit your thoughts, concerns and/or questions to Parish Council! We want to know what you have to say. We are One Body in Christ. God’s Word became flesh, so God’s wisdom dwells in each one of us. The only way to build up and unify the body is to consult its members. Email questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Disciple Testimony, from our Chair

     I am honored and humbled to be the incoming chair for the upcoming parish council year beginning in August. I would like to thank Alan Van Horn for his servant leadership to Parish Council as last year’s Chairperson and as a member of St. John Parish council over the last couple of years. I would also like to thank current, outgoing and incoming members for their service. It is not always easy to say ‘Yes’ to service and give up valuable time for an evening! If you know any of the Parish Council members, past or present, please take a moment to thank them for their willingness to step up and represent the best interest of the parish as a whole. They are and will continue to be a gift to us in their individual ministries! If you would like to find out more about how you personally can make a difference let one of the council members, pillar members or anyone wearing a St. Johns name badge at church and I am certain they would love to chat with you and help you take steps in the right direction. Bottom line, the Church needs you as you are, where you are right now, and God wants to give you your best life. 

     Shifting gears, a few things about me. I am married to my wonderful wife of 25 years, Teresa and have been blessed with 2 fantastic daughters, Allison and Sara. They are gifts to Teresa and I as well as those who have the opportunity to meet them. During my personal faith journey, if you have been around Teresa for any length of time, she will attest to the fact that I told her about 25 years ago “I will never become Catholic”. I am no prophet! About 12 years ago, I joined the Catholic Church and am still amazed at how little I know! I truly appreciate my faith journey following Christ through other traditions, but have come to love and cherish the depth the Catholic Church has to offer, learning more and more as my journey continues.

     In conclusion, I would like to invite anyone interested to sit in on a Council meeting and hear about what is going on in your home parish. The Parish Council has had the invitation open for anyone to attend for a couple of years now and long for a time that we would have to move the meeting from the basement to the commons or have to plan to host in larger meeting places. To think, if only 1% of our parishioners were take up the offer, that would be over 100 additional people in attendance! You talk about a movement, that would be amazing beyond words! Are you willing to be part of that, are you going to be the 1 out of 100?  I don’t doubt the power of the Holy Spirit and ask Him to give each of you individually to bring the gift of yourself and the willingness to say ‘Yes’. You would not have to say anything or be committed to anything, just your presence at Parish Council would speak volumes to us and to God!

     Mike Metzger, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
     Parishioner since 2000