Unless you request otherwise, each registered family of the parish receives a packet of offertory envelopes once a year.  If you are not receiving envelopes via mail and you wish to do so, simply contact the Parish office and request offertory envelopes.  If you contribute online and no longer wish to receive envelopes, please contact the Parish Office.

Envelope Types

White Envelopes = General Offertory Collection.

Blue Envelopes/Building Fund = Helps cover expenses for renovations, upkeep, as well as new construction projects to support our Parish and School.

Yellow Envelopes/Children's Fund = Used to teach children the importance of tithing.  Donations received in these envelopes go to the Building Fund.

White with Yellow Trim Envelopes/Poor Box = Supports the Samaritan House, our local Outreach program.  The Samaritan House provides assistance to the homeless, hungry, jobless, and other persons in need.

White with Purple Trim Envelopes = Provides tuition assistance for our Parishioners who attend the local Catholic High Schools - Bishop McGuinness and Mount St. Mary.

White with Red Trim Envelopes = Provides tuition assistance to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School families.

Additional Envelopes = Special Collections as directed by the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City

All contribution checks, including those in special collection envelopes, need to be made payable to St. John's.  Thank you for your generosity.