At St. John's, we have several ways to communicate news, events and information to our parishioners and visitors.  These include:

Bulletin, Quarterly Newsletter and Commentator Announcements

Digital Signage and Website

Request Advertising



Details on Bulletin, Announcements, Digital Signage & Website:

Bulletin, Quarterly Newsletters, and Commentator Announcements are available to help communicate news, events, and information to our parishioners and visitors. 

St. John's also uses television monitors (aka digital signage) throughout the campus and our parish website for this same purpose.

The weekly parish bulletin is St. John's primary means of Parish communication. Space is limited, and Parish and ministry events are given first priority.  When requesting communications support for an upcoming event, the more time you can give us the better. We recommend submitting your request at least one month in advance.

Complete the Request Advertising Button above to submit your request.

1.  Bulletin notices must be submitted no later than Noon on Fridays.  They will appear in the following week's bulletin (i.e. your request is made Friday, July 1st and it will appear in the July 9th and 10th bulletin).

2. All requests are reviewed before publication.  We reserve the right to edit your announcement for length and content, if necessary.  Due to the large number of events advertised throughout the year, it may sometimes be necessary for us to shorten the duration of your announcement.

3. Please make sure than any events being advertised are booked on the Parish calendar before the request is submitted.

4. Your announcement must include contact information.  Please double check phone numbers and email addresses for accuracy.

5. Graphics are appreciated and used if space permits.

6. Bulletin inserts (flyers) will only be included for special events and will require approval by the Staff Resource Leaders.

7. We generally do not advertise events sponsored by outside organizations.

Commentator announcements are made at each weekend Mass.  These announcements need to be very short in length and it is suggested that parishioners and visitors be directed to the bulletin or website for more details.  Commentator announcements are to be submitted by Noon on Fridays.  As with the bulletin, we reserve the right to edit your announcement for length and content.