What is the Parish Council?

The Parish Council is an advisory forum designed to bring together the different ministries of the people of God.  It is the focal point of co-responsibility where the special gifts and talents of the community may be utilized for the common good.  It is the focal point of communication where Parish representatives will provide guidance in a manner of loving service, where different roles of ministry can dialogue, and where the charisms of the people of God can be employed for the common welfare of all.

What is its purpose?

The purpose of this Parish Council shall be to develop and promote worship, formation, outreach, stewardship and community life, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School and administration.  This includes making recommendations on various aspects of Parish life, initiating programs, forming policies, and providing vision for the continued growth and development of the Parish community.

Who is on the Parish Council?

Parish Council shall consist of two (2) persons elected by the Worship, Outreach, Formation, and Stewardship and Community Life Pillar Boards.  Representation from the Administration Pillar shall consist of the Finance Board Chair and Property Board Chair.  To ensure greater integration between the Parish and School, the School Advisory Council Chair shall serve as an additional member of the Parish Council. 

  • Fr. Ray Ackerman - Staff Resource Leader Worship
  • Fr. Tim Ruckel - Associate Pastor
  • Fr. Larok Martin - Associate Pastor
  • Alan Van Horn - Chair
  • Bill Kinser - Secretary - Evangelization & Catechesis
  • Roy Forsythe - Deacon
  • Randy Hearn - Deacon
  • George Butterfield - Staff Resource Leader Evangelization & Catechesis
  • Amy Dennis - Staff Resource Leader Outreach
  • Jennifer Dolf - Staff Resource Leader Administration
  • Laura Gallagher - Staff Resource Leader St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School
  • Stephanie Graham - Staff Resource Leader Stewardship & Community Life
  • John Lopez - Finance Board
  • Grayson Van Horn - Property Board
  • Cindy Heupel - School Advisory Council
  • Marcus Newby - School Advisory Council
  • Jon Neely - Worship
  • Dick Alexander - Evangelization & Catechesis
  • Inslee Bennett - Outreach
  • Betty Brinkman - Outreach
  • Mike Metzger - Stewardship & Community Life
  • Stephanie Stovall - Stewardship & Community Life
Contact Alan Van Horn- Chair

  pdf Parish Council Bylaws (1.08 MB)