Consoling the Heart of Jesus Fall Retreat 2016

The Divine Mercy website tells us this about the meaning of Divine Mercy: "The message of The Divine Mercy is simple. It is that God loves us — all of us. And, he wants us to recognize that His mercy is greater than our sins, so that we will call upon Him with trust, receive His mercy, and let it flow through us to others. Thus, all will come to share His joy. 

The Divine Mercy message is one we can call to mind simply by remembering ABC: 

A - Ask for His Mercy. God wants us to approach Him in prayer constantly, repenting of our sins and asking Him to pour His mercy out upon us and upon the whole world. 

B - Be merciful. God wants us to receive His mercy and let it flow through us to others. He wants us to extend love and forgiveness to others just as He does to us. 

C - Completely trust in Jesus. God wants us to know that the graces of His mercy are dependent upon our trust. The more we trust in Jesus, the more we will receive. "

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Forms of Devotion to Divine Mercy

There are many ways to call your attention throughout the day to the awareness of the Divine Mercy bestowed upon us or to pray in appreciation of it. The following are a few suggestions given to us by the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception of the B.V.M.:

  • Reflect on the Divine Mercy image
  • Participate in the Feast of Divine Mercy that falls on the Sunday after Easter
  • Observe the Hour of Great Mercy (3:00 p.m.)
  • Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet (Click to see the text of the prayer)
  • Pray the Divine Mercy Novena (Click to see the text of the prayer)

Divine Mercy Sunday is held each year on the Second Sunday of Easter from 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm in the sanctuary. The Priests of St. John the Baptist hear Confessions during the celebration.

Divine Mercy

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