The St. John's adult choir has 60 singers and instrumentalists and is directed by Barbara Meiser.  Instrumentalists include a keyboardist, bass guitarist, two acoustic guitarists, a percussionist, two flautists, and a harmonica player.  The music repertoire consists of over 500 compositions featuring a wide variety of styles from traditional Catholic hymns, contemporary songs and classical compositions to hand clapping old Gospel. 

St. John's Choir meets on Wednesdays from 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm  Members attend the Mass of their choice.  Besides providing music for weekend Mass, the instrumentalists and vocalists prepare for the Christmas Eve Masses and extra music for Holy Week and Easter.  To sing in the choir, it is not necessary to be able to read music, but to sing on pitch, blend with the group and convey a sense of prayer in song.  The Director also coordinates wedding and funeral music.

The Youth Choir, consisting of High School students and young adults, under the direction of Megan Masterman, sing at the Sunday evening Mass.  Rehearsals are held before 5:30 pm Mass and emphasize contemporary music.

Our Commitment:
The primary role of the music ministry is to support the community in prayer. All those involved, from composers and publishers to the parish music director, choir members, cantors, and celebrant, must focus on getting the people to respond with one voice.                                                                        

Helpful Attributes:
Ability to unite and combine one’s musical talent with other members.  Choir members must be able to play an instrument well or carry a tune and blend their voices with the other members.

Contact Barbara Meiser, Music Director
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Our choir recorded music that is available for listening.