Volunteers seek ways in which color, texture, shape, and objects can provide an environment that is beautiful and that points beyond to the awe and wonder of the spiritual essence.  Their task is to help create a space for liturgical action which is both appropriate and of high quality.

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Our Commitment:
This ministry allows its volunteers to have a significant impact on parish worship and feel a close connection to worship experiences while offering flexibility in serving through the care and upkeep of parish linens.

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What We Do:
Ensure that fresh linens are available for every worship service at St. John's through heartfelt and dedicated service.

Time & Training Required:
Although everyone works at his/her own pace, at least 4 - 6 hours is required to process one week's linens. Two separate loads are washed and dried. Ironing of at least 80 purificators takes 2 - 3 hours. We encourage pickup of linens after the Sunday evening Mass with return by the following Friday. Everyone is sent the year's schedule early in November after the Stewardship Fair. If the date assigned presents a problem, members call anyone serving after them to swap dates.

Helpful Attributes:
Anyone willing to launder and iron about 80 - 100 pieces of linen and towels and return them promptly is encouraged to volunteer.

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Many people are needed to assist in weekly cleaning of the church.

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