Altar servers assist the clergy in celebrating the Sacred Liturgy, especially the sacrifice of the Holy Mass. The various tasks of altar servers include leading liturgical processions, assisting with the Missal and the book of prayers, helping set the altar and attending to sacred vessels after communion. Altar servers also help with the candles, incense, and processional cross.

In addition to liturgical service, altar serving is also a wonderful way for our children to advance in spiritual life that is centered on the Eucharist and to grow in vocational awareness. Servers participate in the Sacred Liturgy with their own work that contributes to the Work of the Faithful and the prayer of the Church and thus their service help build up the Body of Christ. In this way, altar serving is a serious ministry that requires commitment, reliability, and a certain amount of dedicated time, so it is carried out worthily.

For signups and useful information on altar serving at St. John's, please look at the links below:


 Altar Server Training Signup

Altar Server Documents

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Our Commitment:
Unlike other ministries in our Parish, our ministry is made up overwhelmingly by children. Therefore, it is not possible for this ministry to flourish without the commitment and active participation of parents. Most children are not able to commute on their own and they also need substantial support to ensure that they are ready and prepared to serve. The most faithful altar servers come from homes that provide strong parental support. Parents who encourage and stand by their children as they learn, support them as they get through difficulties, and help guide them on their spiritual journey toward adult faith, are indispensable for the success of their child and the entire altar server ministry.

Time & Training Required:
At minimum, two initial training sessions are required for new servers (about 3.5 hours each) and about 1-2 hours a month are dedicated to serving Mass. Altar server trainers and coordinators also devote another hour per week in general, and extra time at feast days and holy days to prepare. Altar servers at St. John's must be in 5th grade or higher grades to be trained. Signups for training are initiated through a link on this page (see above).

Helpful Attributes:
Our ministry invites parish youth who strive to praise God and serve the Church specifically through assisting at the Sacred Liturgy and other liturgical celebrations. Reverence, being a living example of the Gospel, commitment, and utmost devotion to the Eucharist are expected.

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