Our Commitment:      
Minister to the people of St. John's by proclaiming the Word of God through the lay readings as well as commentate at the St. John's weekend Masses.

Time & Training Required:
Preparation time is based on the individual but is needed to prepare to proclaim the Word as some biblical words can be difficult to pronounce. Training takes 2 hours and attendance at the weekend Mass is 1 1/2 hours.

What We Do:
Our ministry serves members and guests of St. John's at the weekend Masses. We minister to the members of St. John's by proclaiming the first and second readings of the Liturgy of the Word during the weekend liturgy. We also serve in the commentator role at the weekend liturgy.

Helpful Attributes:
Adults (youths for certain occasions) who are very self-confident and enjoy reading aloud with the talent of being able to project what they read clearly, distinctly and with meaning.

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For many lectors and commentators, it may have been years since your original training session. While many aspects of the role may be unchanged since that first training session, it is a good idea to periodically refresh your understanding of the expectations of your role. In the Resource box to the right, you will find the following two helpful resources: 

Helpful Hints

This document provides you information to prepare for proclaiming the Word or announcing the Mass.


This document provides a step-by-step guide to your actions before, during, and after the Mass. It also includes any responsibilities for special circumstances such as when there is not a deacon present.

If you are considering serving as a lector/commentator, these documents may be helpful in discerning if this ministry is right for you.


Click the resources in the box to the right to see helpful hints and step-by-step guide to being a Lector/Commentator.